Argumentative Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death Penalty is a very controversial topic to many. Some believe that the death penalty should not only be in place but there should be more executions every year. While others believe that the death penalty is going out of style and it is not serving its purpose of deterring crime as it did before. Although there are many claims supporting both sides still over half of Americans are for capital punishment in some way, but what causes someone to be sentenced to death? According to the article “Against the American System of Capital Punishment” by Jack Greenberg the worst crime is, “a putative killer of one’s parent or child” (Greenberg). What makes this the worst crime? And out of the few executions are these the only people getting …show more content…

According to this article “How the Death Penalty Saves Lives” by David B, Muhlhausen the death death penalty is more widely agreed upon that it should be in place than it shouldn’t. The author makes the argument that with the death penalty in place it deters the crimes that have this punishment from happening. He also argues about how the constitution plays a role but how it supports it. He claims that it uphold constitutional protections such as due process and equal protection of law. Muhlhausen believes the death penalty should be in place simply because there are more Americans for it than against it. He believes that this should be in place because it is what America wants and the constitution supports it through the constitutional protections of due process, and equal protection of law.Muhlhausen has many main points similar to Greenberg but Muhlhausen doesn’t have as much evidence or support to back up all of his arguments. He has some strong points but it could be supported better. Between Jack Greenberg’s, “Against the American System of Capital Punishment” and David B. Muhlhausen, “How the Death Penalty Saves Lives” the points they are arguing tend to be fairly similar. They both argue whether the death penalty is a good or bad deter for the “worst crime,” which is claimed to be killing that person’s parents or children. Another similar point they have

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