Capital Punishment : Is It Necessary?

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In Favor of Capital Punishment As in any other debate this is the other side of the coin, the supporters those who are in favor of capital punishment. They believe that the death penalty is absolutely necessary because it is a form of prevent crime. Also, they said that the death penalty honors human being self-esteem by treating the criminal as a free moral character in the life story able to control his own destiny for good or for bad.
The death penalty gives consolation to the victim 's families who have been hurt so much. Some family members of crime victims may take long periods of time maybe years to recover from the shock and loss of a loved one. Even some family members may never recover. Something that can help them achieve
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The logic for death penalty is that prisons are for rehabilitating prisoners who will be sooner or later release from jail, and then this does not make the prison appropriate for criminals who will never be released from jails alive. Taking this perspective but for another angle, normally the cost of the sentence of life imprisoning of a criminal is much more expensive than executing that same prisoner. Nevertheless, with the expensive costs of appeals in the courts systems, it could be arguable if capital punishment is truly more expensive effective when we compared with the cost of life imprisonment. “In Texas, the cost of an average death penalty case is nearly three times higher than imprisoning someone in maximum security for 40 years.” (TCADP)
The arguments that have been stablished for keeping the death penalty alive is that prevents the crime for happening once again. People who support capital punishment arguments that “even without possibility of parole when the criminal is sentenced to life imprisonment, he or she still has a chance to kill guards or other inmates in prison since they have nothing to lose if they are already in prison for life.” Another possibility is that “the [prisoner] may also escape and go on a crime/murder spree. The death penalty is a great assurance that executed criminals will not be able to commit more crimes in the future.” (Pro & Cons: Death Penalty)
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