Capital Punishment : Is It Necessary?

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In Favor of Capital Punishment As in any other debate this is the other side of the coin, the supporters those who are in favor of capital punishment. They believe that the death penalty is absolutely necessary because it is a form of prevent crime. Also, they said that the death penalty honors human being self-esteem by treating the criminal as a free moral character in the life story able to control his own destiny for good or for bad.
The death penalty gives consolation to the victim 's families who have been hurt so much. Some family members of crime victims may take long periods of time maybe years to recover from the shock and loss of a loved one. Even some family members may never recover. Something that can help them achieve and make fastest this recovery is gaining some kind of compensation. If the sentence is just life in prison this just means the criminal is still around to harassing the offender. A capital punishment it concludes the awful chapter in the lives of the family members of the victim. Consequently, the supporter side for capital punishment, emphasizes the different purposes for prison. The jail separates criminals for the rest of the population for the safety of everyone, besides prison is a form of punishment. The finality of the punishment of prison is expected to rehabilitate the inmate, so as soon as the prisoners are released from jail, there would be less possibilities that this prisoner or ex-convict will commit the same or other crimes…
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