Argumentative Essay On Unemployment

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In addition, opponents of the dream act claim that the 800,000 young people that qualified for DACA are taking jobs that belong to U.S. citizens. The dreamers have a tough fight ahead of them as attorney general Jeff Sessions went on to attack the dreamers uncompanionably by explaining that, because of them “hundreds of thousands of jobs were denied to U.s workers and given to the DACA beneficiaries. The statement made by the attorney general implies that there is an exact number of us jobs available and that the millions of Americans who are currently unemployed can blame fully blame the dreamers without taking into consideration the many factors that contribute to the unemployment of Americans. However it is important to note that the general failed to provide evidence or statistics to support his claim. Therefore, I will point out limitation to his argument by providing clear statistics that show that, the US labor market has been relatively healthy in recent years and even continues to improve. To illustrate, the graph below represents the US unemployment rate. The graph shows that, the US experienced a steady decline in the national unemployment rate, and according to data released in September by the US department of labor, there is an estimated 6.17 million job openings as of July 2017. These numbers do not represent or seem to have a minimal connection to the statement that, the dreamers are stealing us jobs and it is unjust to blame the dreamers for problems

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