Argumentative Essay On Women's Pay Equal Pay

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Less Money is Always Better “Mommy, why don’t you make as much money as Daddy?” “Well honey, Daddy is better than me at everything, and he deserves more money.” Right now, for every dollar earned by men, white women make 77 cents, African American women make 60 cents, and Latina women make 55 cents. The wage gap has decreased dramatically since the 1960’s and is expected to equalize by 2059. This is just wrong; female citizens do not deserve pay equality. Women in the workforce should be paid half as much money as men because women can’t get stuff done, have children, and are weaklings.
Women in the workforce are far less productive than their male counterparts. According to Tom Wormwood, a white male office worker, “All the lazy women …show more content…

They argue that women work just as hard as men do. According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it is illegal to discriminate in the workforce by paying higher wages to one sex and not the other for the same amount of work. Women and men have the same goals and ambitions to be successful, and their difference in wages should not hold anyone back from those achieving goals. Although these claims may have some merit, everyone knows men work harder than women all the time. Based on a study done by the Department for Female Incompetence, 98% of women employed at full-time jobs wish they could be as hardworking as men. They say, “We just don’t have the motivation to succeed like our husbands because we are living in the nineteenth century.” These women are so right in believing this. They shouldn’t have equal pay because women are weak and lack …show more content…

Forget the amazingly powerful female weightlifters and gymnasts- patriarchy is the way to go. Women in the workforce love to let men do all the heavy lifting because that means less work, which is always good. Male receptionists deserve a higher pay than female receptionists because it takes so much more strength to lift a laptop, feathers, paper, and pencils. Therefore, men should be paid more and women less.
Because women don’t get work done, have kids, and aren’t strong, their wages should be half as much as men’s. This is the time to act; join the cause and campaign against equal pay to ensure the gender gap prevails. Husbands, ask your wife’s boss to pay her less! Wives, ask your boss to pay you less! An unfair world is where we all want to

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