Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Animal Testing

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Animal testing is considered to be a cruel act of mankind for their own benefit. One might think that we should find another way to replace animal testing as it is harming animals every day, but the harsh reality is that they are a necessary part of ensuring the health and safety of all organisms in the long run. The reality is that despite some scientists not being in favour of animal testing, they have to use due to the lack of alternatives available to them. All drugs are regulated by the FDA and therefore must be tested before released for public consumption, meaning that animal testing is regulated and somewhat encouraged by the law. As it is a cheap, easy and fast way to place your drug out for sale that may be beneficial to humans …show more content…

To begin with, animal testing has helped treat many diseases such as Breast Cancer, which has taken many lives. The treatment involves use of Perception and Tamoxifen, which were both founded by Alec Baldwin. He holds the belief that animal testing is essential to finding and was what helped him find the cure for breast cancer. In later statement, Baldwin’s mother reiterated the importance and relevancy of animal testing towards the progression of curing diseases saying; “This year, approximately 182,800 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and approximately 40,800 women will die from breast cancer”Animal testing was the only way Baldwin was able to find the treatment for (breast) cancer as it gave him the best results, considering that with quick reactions on animals came quick answers which in return helped save many people. There were many other cures and reduced risks found for major diseases that killed hundreds of people each year through the use of animal testing. These diseases include Heart Disease/Stroke, Lung Cancer, and Diabetes through animal testing. The diseases that we have been able to better understand include Lung Cancer, using mice models, we were able to detect and prevent lung cancer, through research done by the National Cancer Institute in 2001. Hence, …show more content…

As we know, "Chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with humans, and mice are 98% genetically similar to humans"(, hence they share common charactersitics with humans. As chimpanzees share almost all of their DNA with us humans we are able to get results that match and work with our DNA’s therefore helping us find more cures. Similarly being 98% genetically similar we are able to get results after testing drugs on mice and then apply these same outcomes on humans, thus saving a lot of human lives through animal testing. In addition, there aren’t any other adequate forms of animal testing as even the smartest computers on Earth won’t be able to find out results which will be as reliable as animal testing. Thus, as animals and humans share many similarities, animal testing is the best way to find cures as we have no other adequate forms present today, and not to forget that it also saves human as well as animal

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