Argumentative Essay: The Safety Of Exotic Animals

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Do you think it is acceptable to take innocent, wild animals out of their natural habitat for people’s amusement? Many people who think this is acceptable do not know what is risked when holding a wild animal captivated. As every year passes, there will be more and more people and animals being harmed or killed because exotic animals are owned as pets. It should be illegal to own an exotic animal(s) as a pet because it is dangerous to the animal(s) and the people, it can prevent the animal from being able to live in the wild, and it requires the owner significant life changes to accommodate them. The first and main issue is that people are put in danger when owning an exotic animal as a pet. One of the main risks exotic animal owners must…show more content…
Keeping the exotic animal healthy and happy is the number one priority of being an exotic animal owner. (5) If they are not healthy or happy in their enclosed environment, the owner should not have any exotic animals. Many owners can’t afford to give their pets a proper diet, which can lead to serious medical problems. (5) It’s one thing to take them out of their environment, but not giving care to the innocent animal is worse. “These animals are not getting adequately fed. We're coming across animals that are skinny. They have hair loss, they have other metabolic problems, kidney problems, and in some cases kidney failure due to the nutrition that their well-meaning owners are providing them."(2) Most of the time, these medical problems are not treated and the animal either dies or is killed. When one or a couple of exotic animals are killed, it can affect the whole species. The demand for wild animals as pets lowers populations of these animals in the wild by increasing poaching and wild capture. (3) When owning these exotic animals they have many behavioral changes and adapt to the environment surrounding them. (other than their natural…show more content…
Social skills also affect the emotions of an animal. When people hold these animals in captivity by themselves, they are not able to associate with any other animal which cause this animal to become miserable and depressed. In a Kenyan elephant orphanage, baby elephants who have seen their parents killed and their tusks removed from their bodies by poachers, wake up screaming in the middle of the night from nightmares. (5) Once the animals are held in captivity, they will never have the same hunting skills that they had before
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