Argumentative Paper On Climate Change

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Climate change is a massive controversy in the United States. There are multiple groups, organizations, and political leaders who believe that climate change is a hoax. For example, take U.S. Senator, Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), who brought in a ball of snow to the senate floor and stated that “It’s very, very cold out” (C-Span 2015). The wide variety of misinformation about climate change has produced a large scale of climate change skeptics. Most notably are those located in Woodward County, Oklahoma. Thirty percent of the residents in Woodward Country believe that climate change is not really happening (Yale 2014). CNN reporter, John D. Sutter (2015), was sent on a mission to understand why so many in Woodward County are skeptical about climate change. At the end of his journey, Sutter realized that most of the residents were confused and had been fed misinformation. The climate change skeptics were the loudest voices and all those who may have thought differently kept their opinions to themselves out of fear of going against the oil and natural gas industries (Sutter 2015). Nevertheless, skeptics are in need of being informed with the right information about climate change. It is imperative for climate change to be in the forefront not only because 97 percent of climate scientists say that climate change is very real and caused by humans, but because we only have one Earth to call our home (Sutter 2015). In order to convince skeptics to support clean energy policies,

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