Argumentative Speech On Feminism

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “Feminism”? You’ll probably hear a few people tut or shake their heads. It as if people view Feminism as a dirty word as if Feminism equals something disgraceful as if being a Feminist is something to be ashamed of. How about this, what comes to mind when I tell you that I am a Feminist? Some may say that I am something vile, something scandalous, something that I should hide and not tell. To that I ask yet another set of questions, When did it become wrong for a woman to stand up for her rights? For a woman to say what's on her mind? For a woman to speak out about the injustice she faces? Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to speak about an issue, a problem, a severe dilemma that society is facing …show more content…

Some people view feminism as changing the Patriarchy into a Matriarchy, and some women act like every man is trying to rape them and that women are the dominant sex. This, however, is wrong. These people are known as Feminazis. Feminazis are not feminists, they are radical feminists, they are a misrepresentation that has been spoon fed to you. They are a minority that many people stereotype as feminists. That is incorrect for feminists are people who believe that men and women should be treated equally, for they are all humans and deserve the same rights. Almost all feminists fight for one thing which is for women to be treated equally on the grounds of political, economic and social rights. They are asking for little, very very little. They are asking to be recognized as strong. They are asking to be independent. They are asking to be seen as powerful. But every time a woman raises her voice for her rights she is silenced. Every time she talks about being a feminist, she is told to stop, not come off as ‘too strong’. She is told that it is her fault for getting raped and being traumatized for life. She is told not to say anything to men who catcall or say rude and inappropriate comments since it may shatter the man’s fragile …show more content…

And sure, men are also victims of rape. Men are also told to be silent about rape just like women. But it is the same sexism that affects men that also affects women. So shutting it down for women affects men too, it is a real issue that affects us all. Still, women are told to ‘cover themselves’ and ‘not draw attention’. When they get raped they are told that they were ‘asking for it’, they’re told ‘not to report it’. Why? Why are you telling someone who's gotten seriously hurt to hide their pain? How dare you tell someone who's had their body and innocence violated to ‘not report it’? How do you have the audacity to tell a woman, most often a teenager, to suffer in silence? That is why 54% of rapes go unreported, that is why 32,000 babies born in the USA are a result of sexual assault, that is why 97% of rapists are never incarcerated. Women are always being told that they are the issue, that they were asking for it, that they should overlook it. You may have heard the phrase: “men will be men”. That phrase is wrong because men are humans like us, and if women can control themselves men can too. A man cannot use the excuse of ‘raging hormones’ to get out of sexually harassing a woman, it is simply wrong and disgusting. Men need to be held accountable for their actions. Nobody should say that a 14 or 15-year-old girl was ‘asking for it’. They are teenagers who should not have their bodies

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