Feminism Argumentative Essay

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Many people like to think that feminism is irrelevant, for society has gotten so far. It’s true that there has been a progression within the past century, but there are still issues that need resolving. One can’t say that misogyny does not exist, neither can they deny that violence against women is a problem. Throughout history, all over the world, women have struggled under the patriarchy. Similarly to certain people who believe feminism isn’t important, meninists are altogether opposed to feminism. Meninism was originally a term used to describe a male feminist, almost like the White Panthers, who supported the Black Panthers. Then a Twitter user, Ti Belogun, made a tweet, stating that it’s a term for a movement against feminists. He later apologized, but it was too late, for it had already become a movement. It had gotten to the point that…show more content…
One of their arguments is that there are classes for women’s studies, but nothing about men’s studies. They are oblivious to the fact that the reason there are women’s studies classes is because history classes in general focus mainly on the history of men. Another argument is that, when divorced couples are fighting for custody, the mother gains custody more often than the man. For this, they blame feminism. The only reason this happens is because the judge may have the misogynistic idea that women are better with children. This idea is misogynistic because, throughout history, motherhood was seen as the only thing that women were worth, that they were unable to do anything outside of serving her husband and/or children. What many people don’t understand is that feminism can benefit both men and women (Mekinski, Maddy paras 1-6). For example, feminism helps fight hyper-masculinity. Hyper-masculinity is a term used to describe a feeling that some men often get where they feel that they have to do something to avoid looking cowardly or feminine. They have a fear of femininity because it’s a trait used to
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