Aristophanes Research Paper

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Aristophanes, known to be born around 446 or 448 BCE, is a famous ancient Greek play writer. Aristophanes is known for his comic playwright, and is sometimes referred to as, Father of Comedy. Aristophanes is also known for creating his plays to relate to the life of ancient Athens. Although much is known about Aristophanes plays, very little is known about Aristophanes his self. Some say, Aristophanes is the son of a man, from the islands of Aegina, who goes by the name of Philippos, although he was for sure educated in Athens. As Aristophanes grew up, he began to develop a passion for comedy, and theatre. Sometime after the victory of Greece over the Persian military, when the Peloponnesian war reduced Athens’ ambitions as an imperial power, Aristophanes begin to write. Later after the empire of the Athens collapsed, he was known to be an important figure in the change of intellectual fashion.…show more content…
His first play, “the banqueters’, won second at the drama competition, in Dionysia during the 427 BCE, and his second “The Babylonians” won first. Both the first and second play were felt to be an embarrassment towards Cleon (The Dictator), and the authorities. Cleon later tried to prosecute Aristophanes for slandering Athenian people. After being found innocent, Aristophanes continued to his savage plays. According to what we know, Aristophanes has only been first place once at the City of Dionysia, even though he won the Lenaia competition about three times. He was known to live to very old age, and died around 386 or 385 BCE. Although, Aristophanes died with little known about him, his plays will always be
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