Aristotle On Prejudice

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In the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s performance of Eurydice, there are key elements that set this performance aside from others. Likewise, Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher who carries heavy influence on thought. Therefore, Aristotle has certain ideas as to what elements drama should try to accomplish. This specific performance of Eurydice ties in all six of these elements of drama, which includes plot, theme, character, diction, music, and spectacle. As far as plot goes, this particular play is fairly rapid in scene changes and, at times, it can be difficult to follow. However, the audience can concisely follow the main plot of this play. The production opens with a couple, Eurydice and Orpheus, getting engaged on a …show more content…

In Eurydice, Orpheus is characterized by his love for music and how those around felt about that. It is understood that the stones really admired him because his music moved them to tears, and they are supposed to be metaphorical rocks with no emotion. Likewise, the Lord tries to convince Eurydice that Orpheus is not the one for her because he spends all his time focusing on his music. Meanwhile, Eurydice and her father are characterized by books and reading. Eurydice states at the beginning that she loves to read, and this connects her to her father. When in the Underworld, she receives a copy of a Shakespeare book attached to red string. This correlates her with knowledge, as well as her father who is the only one who could read and …show more content…

For example, there was a distinct noise associated with the Lord anytime he was onstage, even before we knew he was the Lord of the Underworld. The use of sound to make audience connection was a key factor in the performance. Likewise, there was a particular melody that was mirrored throughout the performance that was initially sung by Orpheus. This ties back to the characterization of Orpheus through sound and music. Also, music is an important piece of his life, so much so that he describes Eurydice’s strands of hair as individual instruments. The use of music throughout the play acts to characterize and establish

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