The Myth of Eurydice Essay

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The myth of Eurydice is a sad story in which two lovers are separated by death. After his love dies, Orpheus journeys into the underworld to retrieve her, but instead loses her for good. Playwright Sarah Ruhl takes the myth of Eurydice and attempts to transform this sad tale into a more light-hearted story. However, despite humorous lines and actions throughout the play, the melancholy situation of the actual tale overwhelms any comicality present. Although meant to be funny, Sarah Ruhl's “Eurydice” can be seen as a modernized tragedy about two lovers who are separated forever by a twist of fate. As the play begins, the dialogue between Orpheus and Eurydice reveals that the two are definitely very affectionate toward each other. …show more content…

The two were most likely very close when he was alive. The father writes, “I write you letters. I don't know how to get them to you.” Even though Eurydice is not receiving his letters he writes them anyway. It is a sad moment because the father knows he is unable to tell his daughter anything that he wishes to say. The father then acts out the wedding as if it was taking place right there in the underworld. He pretends to walk his daughter down the aisle and gets “choked up.” It is at this moment the audience realizes the love he has for his daughter. He does not know that they will soon be reunited with the results of a bizarre circumstance. After her strange and untimely death, Eurydice cannot remember much of anything, including her own husband's name. She runs into her father whom she has no memory of whatsoever. When her father reads her a letter Orpheus has written her, she suddenly recognizes him. This is one of the happier moments in the play; Eurydice and her father are finally reunited. They immediately begin to bond, and her father tells her stories of his childhood. As the father tells these stories the audience gets a picture of what their relationship was like when they were alive. They sing together, “Da da Dee Da” to the tune of “I Got Rhythm.” It is a heartwarming moment to see Eurydice and her father having fun together just like old times. While she is happy she has been reunited with her father, Eurydice still

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