Aristotle 's Views On Politics

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To start off, it is important to understand where Aristotle’s is coming from. Aristotle looked for solutions in a Universal manner. Basically, the principles and solutions for correctness comes from the idea that they have to be natural more than conventional. The idea of the good from Aristotle’s point of view comes from observation, he believed that the good is the final cause(there are three others that will be discussed), and that everyone can understand judgement and collective moral action. Aristotle also believed that people need to be able to have property so someone can have more time for leisure. He has many other ideas that intertwine with the beliefs just mentioned. In Aristotle’s mind, politics is inevitable as being human requires us to live in a society, which means dealing with other people and their desires. Because we must live in a society, Aristotle also has his own ideas on justice, which he believes comes in two forms: distributive and corrective. More on the two forms will be discussed in this document. To apply these viewpoints, rationals, and virtues to the contemporary world, first I have to explain what they are in depth.
Aristotle’s idea that the good is the final cause comes from observation of the object in question. For example, the seed of a tree’s final cause is to grow into a tree, but humans are different because we are the highest form and have the highest capacity for communication among the animals of the Earth, thus, humans’ final
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