Aristotle's Concept of Teleology

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Aristotle's Concept of Teleology

In his Physics, Aristotle examines the theories and ideas regarding nature of his predecessors and then, based upon his own ideas, theories and experiments, argues against what he believes are incorrect conclusions. One idea that Aristotle argues specifically is teleology. Teleology is the idea that natural phenomena are determined not only by mechanical causes but by an overall design or purpose in nature. In this essay, I will examine what
Aristotle's concept of teleology was and look at why he held this conception. First, let's talk about what we mean by teleology. Teleology is the study of ends, purposes, and goals. The word comes from the Greek word telos which means "end" or …show more content…

Order and conformity to type infer purpose. Aristotle goes on in Book II to make his explanation of purpose in nature more clear by relating natural purpose to artistic creation. In any process of human creation, there is a definite end to be achieved. In order to achieve that end, the artist

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