The Roots Of Human Nature

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The roots of human nature are deeply imbedded in us and during the formative years is where we find the basis of our human nature. We are born with biological characteristics from our parents at the point of conception. These inherited characteristics can foresee our personality and intelligence traits. Though hereditary does play a role into these characteristics, it is our environment, experiences, and the way we are brought up that influence our development. It is the mixture of our biological make-up and our social world experiences that make up our human nature. The skills we gain throughout our lives are constantly being improved and expanded on. The question of what is the purpose of human beings; I believe is something that is …show more content…

Our central focus is on the needs and interests of the individual and maintaining the view of the person in their environment, by identify and understanding their unique cultural, physical, psychological background. One constant thing that is true in our lives is change. Though for many, the goal of achieving long-term change which motivates many to seek help is often difficult to achieve. It is not enough to only discuss and understand the reasons why one has the need for change. The individual’s goals must be to seek help to examine the core issues. When individuals believe that they are capable of changing there is an increase of motivation and are more incline to attain certain goals. A social workers role for motivating clients is to help identify and examine the client’s core issues to help them experience changes and emotional responses parallel to a new understanding of their choices and reactions. We draw out ideas, feelings, and the wants of clients whether working in a micro or macro setting. It is important that we are empathetic to the client’s needs, meet them where they are at, and see the world through the client’s eyes. When clients feel that they are understood, they are more incline to open up and share their experiences. Once clients open up and share their experiences the social worker can assess when and where they need support and if there may

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