Arizona State University For The Fall 2016 Semester

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“Dear Hannah, Congratulations! You have been admitted to Arizona State University for the fall 2016 semester.” This was the beginning of the letter that I received in the mail this past fall; though it was simply a letter, it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life! To be a sun devil means to strive for excellence, to give your all, to put your heart into your work, to never give up, to excel in all you set out to do. I am extremely pleased to now officially be a student of Arizona State University! When I first got the letter that I mentioned above informing me that I had been accepted to ASU, my heart filled with pride and anticipation as I realized how it felt to be a Sun Devil!
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In ASU, my chosen major is Business Management through the William P. Carey School of Business. I chose this major because of my love for communication, leadership, and studies involving money. I really enjoy working with my dad who owns his own business and I take pleasure in understanding all the different processes within the business. Also, ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed learning about the economy and money in general. Another reason I chose business management was that it requires leadership, which has always been one of my strong points. I have experience leading and people have told me I am good at it though I know there is always plenty of room for improvement. I do know how to follow, but I am a leader at heart. I truly enjoy managing various projects and seeing them come together successfully. Because I think it is important as a student seeking a degree in Business Management to feel comfortable in leadership positions not only in the workplace, but also in other areas of life, one of the things I am most proud of is the fact that leadership is one of my strengths.
Not only am I a leader, but in many ways, I am also an extrovert. Being with people is something I truly enjoy and look forward to. I believe that the people close to me know the “real” me because I tend to be a very open person. I am the type of person who loves to laugh and spend time with my friends and family, but I am not afraid to work hard when the time comes.

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