Army Drill Research Paper

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(HOOK) “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. (Malcolm X.)” (CI) Giving students the best chance at success is what California State University is about. (GS1) Students are looking for that one college that will help them succeed in their career choice such as AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps) . (GS2) CSU has what it takes to offer students the best possible opportunities for any career choice.(GS3) Students will feel confident in their academic learning through challenging curriculum and precise military extracurricular activities. (THESIS STATEMENT) Students will have a chance to (1) become eligible candidates for AFROTC, (2) practice precision as a member of the Drill …show more content…

(RE-WORDING MA) Competing in Drill meets is a great opportunity to display the individual's marching skills. (M1 FOR MA) A Drill team is a military extracurricular activity that follows strict marching routines whether with or without weapons. For a cadet to perform well in a drill meet, they would be responsible for attending practice. Practices are long and tedious, but as a cadet, this is a journey about learning responsibility, and precision. (M2 FOR MA) Every year the drill team trains for the Southern California Invitational Drill Meet. This is where ROTC based colleges come to compete. There are a variety of teams such as a Full Team, Four Person, or Individual Drill Down. A Full Team consists of 10 or more members that compete in 3 events: Inspection, Regulation, and Exhibition. These competitions are where many cadets learn about responsibility, but at the same time show off marching skills from hard training. (RE-WORDING OF B) A major goal for the Drill team is recruitment, cadets perform marching skills which encourage students to want to join ROTC at California State University. (MINOR 1 FOR MB) One of the many important aspects to recruiting newcomers is identity and personality. The displaying of the mighty mascot Blue Dragons is meant to intrigue …show more content…

(RE-WORDING OF MA) Being a part of a club or participating in activities are what introduce students to campus life. (MINOR 1 FOR MA) There are many clubs and organizations that students themselves create. Some clubs and organizations that are located at the campus are Anime & Manga Society or Computer & Tech Club. (MINOR 2 FOR MA) Not only can students join academic clubs but sport based clubs as well. Some of these sport clubs are skiing, backpacking, or snowboarding with Peak Adventure. Taking these opportunities to join clubs and to be active in extracurricular activities are what gives students chances to experience campus life. Students who are involved in campus life feel more comfortable with the college, people, and resources that CSU provides. (RE-WORDING OF MB) Located in a beautiful urban oasis which is nestled alongside the American River lies, California State University. (MINOR 1 FOR MB) The campus is located in the heart of California. After class students can read a book beneath the three thousand five hundred shaded trees. After hiking down paths, students can hike on a thirty two mile American River trail also. Following this trail leads to a path that runs through unique habitats that surround the

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