Arranged Marriage : The Role Of Marriage And Marriage

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Marriage is the supposed “vow of love”, that roots stem from traditional and oppressive gender roles. In the older days, men would head the entanglement and the women followed behind, leaving substantial room for incorrect ideas of partnership to fill the couples’ values. Many men and women still marry today but, more younger generations are realizing that it is not necessary to live a successful life with your partner. With the newer ideas of feminism circulating many women are realizing that it is not beneficial for them and is a metaphorical restraint. While some people believe it is a beautiful kinship of love and two souls becoming one, others see it is a death sentence for autonomy and freedom.
The institution of marriage sets back thousands of years. When first originated, marriage had nothing to do with love or kinship. Families would marry off children and young women to strengthen alliances, promote strong family ties, and even for money. It wasn't until the last few centuries that marrying for love became popular. That even came after years of more arranged marriages with women having little say so in who their potential life partner would be. In today's time couples wed when they're in love. With genuine love taking the precedent over dowries, very few countries allow arranged marriages and they are frowned upon in many cultures.
Men have zero societal pressure to wed opposed to the unbearable weight of judgement women in every culture face. Women are often

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