Art And Science Of Nursing Essay

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Nursing practice is known as a combination of nursing knowledge and compassion in providing care and comfort to patients. Moreover, nursing practice has changed and developed into a dynamic profession to create a better health care environment. It is always essential to combine art and science aspects in nursing practice to help improve patients ‘outcomes. What is the art and science of nursing? Art and science of nursing is described in different ways through literature. According to Polos (2014), science of nursing is a combination of knowledge and performing skills. To be a competent nurse, one needs to have scientific knowledge and skills in critical thinking, clinical decision making and evidence based practice (Polos, 2014). For example, in science aspect, a nurse needs to have the knowledge of pathophysiology, biochemistry, psychosocial and skills. The scientific knowledge help nurses understand disease process, signs and symptoms of diseases to provide proper treatments and appropriate nursing interventions. On the other hand, art plays an important role in nursing practice. Polos (2014) further says art of nursing is concerned with caring, compassion, patient- centered care, and therapeutic communication delivery for patients and patients’ families. These qualities are highly evaluated by patients and contribute to patient’s safety and satisfaction (Polos, 2014). Art of nursing relates to the building of trusting relationships between nurses and patient and

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