Essay On The Discipline Of Nursing

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Dear Jennifer, The healthcare system comprises of various disciplines, one of which is the discipline of nursing. I feel that compared to other disciplines like medicine, nursing has minimal recognition of being a discipline on its own. According to (IAIN W. GRAHAM), nurses are always needed by the society, however, the society lacks in acknowledging the social status of nurses. Hence, being nurses, we have to understand and uphold the importance of our nursing. I am writing this letter to you as I would like to share with you on why it is important to study the discipline of nursing. I hope after reading this letter you would be enlightened and be motivated to spread what you have gained from reading this letter to other nurses. The discipline of nursing comprises of two major components which are, the arts of nursing and the science of nursing. The art of …show more content…

Nursing theories, concepts or models are adapted from the theoretical frameworks of other discipline in healthcare. However, as nursing advances, new frameworks may arise, the nursing theories, concepts or models from the past or present may fuse, extinct or change donaldson (year). Hence, nursing is a discipline which is consistently reviewing and upgrading its theoretical frame works to provide the best quality of care to patients. ( The theory of nursing discipline has been adapted from various discipline such as which acts a bridge which focuses on providing complete healthcare to patient. Hence, Nurses are taught the basics of those disciplines and are well diverse in them as well. For example, when a patient gets admitted to the ward, it is the nurse who assess the patient’s condition to assess and identify the need for the involvement of other disciplines like dietitian, speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, medical social

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