Art During The Trojan War

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I will compare two pieces of artwork to explore as I share expression of ideas that represents during the Trojan War in ancient Greece. For my visual art, I chose a vase by Exekias Epoiesen, my visual artwork is titled Achilles and Ajax, playing a board game around 540-530 BCE in Musei Vaticani, Rome when two men took a break from the bloody battles of the war. The My literary artwork is by Homer; his epic poem is titled the” Iliad” is around Ninth Century BCE in Troy during the bloody battles of the Trojan war (Richmond Lattimore). I will compare the Representation of the Trojan War theme with the visual and literary artwork of the bloody battle of the experiences of the hero’s main characters as, the works connect the experiences of men being one of the strongest humans and the attitudes through artwork, poet’s literary, film, Greek Mythology that represents the bloody battles of the Trojan war in Troy.
Achilles and Ajax, playing a board game has
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The Vase was popular with Achilles and Ajax playing a board game painting on a vase become popular back in ancient Greece because of the men were heroes that help influence our culture today in museums, artwork and on film. Dr. Harris and Dr. Zucker will go over the vase and describe the tone and the way it was painted on how the heroes played a board game in Troy during a fight became one of the popular pieces of art pottery back in modern times is used in museum and on film to represent ancient Greece during the Trojan war (Dr. Harris, Dr. Zucker) In Modern times Rose created a video about the life of Achilles from the time he was born, and in training to fight in the war and how he became the hero in the Trojan war and how a king had a man ordered to kill Achilles. This is on media and on YouTube

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