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Periods and their Artists * Chapter 3 Egypt * Old Kingdom (2700-2190 BCE) * Imhotep – Stepped Pyramid of Djoser * Chapter 5 Ancient Greece * Archaic (600-480 BCE) * Andokides Painter –Achilles and Ajax * Ergotimos –[and Kleitius] Fracois Vase * Euphronios –Death of Sarpedon * Exekias –Achilles and Ajax; Suicide of Ajax; Dionysis in a Boat * Polykleitos –Doryphoros * Classical (480-320 BCE) * Kalikrates –Temple of Athena Nike; [ and Iktinos] Parthenon * Lysippos -Apoxyomenos * Mnesikles –Propylaia, Erechtheion[Porch of the Maidens] * Myron –Diskobolos * Phidias –Acropolis; 3 Seated Goddesses E. Ped. …show more content…

James Led to Execution; Dead Christ * Masaccio –Tribute Money/ Expulsion in the [and Masolono, Filippino Lippi] Brancacci Chapel; Trinity with Virgin, St. John the Evangelist, and Donors * Michelozzo –Palazzo Medici Ricardi * Perugino –Delivery of the Keys to St. Peter, Sistine Chapel * Pollaiuolo –Hercules and Antaeus; Battle of the Ten Nudes * Robbia, Luca della –Madonna and Child with Lilies, Orsanmichele * Rosselino –Tomb of Leonardo Bruni, Santa Croce * Signorelli –Damned Cast into Hell * Uccello –Battle of San Romano * Verrocchio –David; Bartolommeo Colleoni * Chapter 22 Italy (16th century) * High Renaissance (1500-1550) * Bellini, Giovanni –San Zaccaria Altarpiece; [and Titian] Feast of the Gods * Bramante –St. Peter’s, Rome; Tempieto * Correggio -Assumption * Da Vinci –Virgin (Madonna) of the Rocks; Virgin and Child with St. Anne and Infant St. John; Last Supper, Refectory; Mona Lisa * del Sarto, Andrea –Madonna of the Harpies * Giorgione –Pastoral Symphony; The Tempest * Michelangelo –Pieta/Dome, St. Peter’s, Rome; Bacchus; David; Moses, tomb of Julius II; Bound Slave; Prisoner; Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Creation of Adam, Creation of Eve, Temptation, Expulsion, Erythraean Sibyl, Prophet Jeremiah, Last Judgment; Dani Tondo (aka Holy Family); Tomb of

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