Art Or Destruction: Why Do People Feel The Need To Get Tattoos

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Art or Destruction: Why do people feel the need to get tattoos? ZZZZZZ!!!! The piercing sound of a needle going back and forth, in and out of the skin when a customer receives a tattoo. Body art, body bling, self-graffiti, walking billboards, fashionable ink accessories. Each of these expressions depicts the physical nature of the tattoo. The topic I chose for this eye search ended up as "Why do people feel the need to mark their bodies with tattoos"?I chose this topic really because, I would like to get tattoos, small ones, on different parts of my body such as my shoulder, wrists, and ankle. I want to know more of the how, why, and if's of receiving a tattoo. The definition of a tattoo, a puncture wound, made deep in the skin, that fills with ink. Injecting ink into the area, by penetrating the skin with a needle and usually creates some sort of design. Some people think of tattoos as an art because it represents something in their life or something meaningful to them. But some consider it a destruction of the body because of the mark for life on your body that will never go away but only fade slowly over time. Personally, tattoo art takes on the role of art, but part of me think of it as destruction because some people literally cover their body from head to toe with tattoos. I chose the topic really because I want to know why some people think that when people get tattoos they end up deemed a rebel or even a criminal; depending on the type of tattoos(s) they have on

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