Artemis: How I Become The Goddess Of The Hunt

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Serina Moon #18
I, Artemis, am said to be the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, chastity, childbirth, and the moon. My parents are Zeus and Leto, and my twin brother is Apollo, the god of the Sun. I am a good child to both my mother and father. I will tell you a little more about me, Artemis. I will write about my family, how I became the goddess of hunt and other things, and some stories and facts about me. First, I will tell you about my family and where I was born. I, Artemis, am the daughter of the god Zeus and the goddess, Leto. Zeus was the god of the sky, and ruler of all Olympian gods. Leto is the goddess of motherhood. I also have a twin brother, Apollo, who is the god of light and the Sun. I was born on the island of Ortygia, where Leto had found shelter after being hunted by Zeus’s lawful wife, Hera. She was being hunted because Hera didn’t want her to have children, therefore she told a goddess of labor to not allow Leto to give birth. Leto then found shelter on the island of Ortygia, …show more content…

I became the goddess of hunt because I did many things that involved me to use my bow or hunt out things. I am very good with a bow, in fact my signature weapon is the bow and arrow. This was because I had a good aim, and could hit almost anything in one try. I am the goddess of wilderness because I cared for, and protected wild and tamed animals. I also protected girls, while my brother Apollo is the protector of boys. I am devoted to hunting, and rejected love and marriage therefore becoming the goddess of chastity. I helped my mother give birth to my brother Apollo right after I was born, then after I became the goddess of childbirth. Last but not least I will tell you how and why I became the goddess of the moon. I was the goddess of the moon because I was assigned to take care or protect the moon. My brother was also assigned to take care of the

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