Article Analysis: The Pierce County Growth

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The pierce county growth article shows us an insight on how an economy can struggle and in the might long-term fail. An overpopulation of roadways is the main problem in the article. The county must find new ways to fix this problem before it becomes worst. There are many examples in the article that show what makes and breaks an economy. They pertain to scarce resources, characteristic of a market system and market equilibrium. Like any economy, the county wanted to grow and expand. They had hoped that using the land intended for farm purposes and rural use; for housing and business development would help them succeed this. By selling this land and incouraging growth they could increase their profits. Even though this seemed good in the present time, the county did not account for the spill-over of traffic on roadways. The county is now in demand for more roadways not for more buildings. In turn the scarce resources which were land and money for the county are diminishing. The land resource was not intended for development, so that resources is dwindling. That land could have been used to build more traffic routes but the resource is now gone. Along with the resource of the counties money to develop more roads. Pierce has said they did not want to slow down economic growth by developing roadways at the same time. This brings us to the next example of what an economy relies on. In the market system, the system america uses. It relies on a circular flow. This circular flow

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