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USA Today is one of the largest print newspapers, even today due to its innovative approach and format that it utilizes. Furthermore, this newspaper contains many features that fully engage its audience by offering colorful displays, short write ups, radiant exhibits of diagrams. One of the overall aspects of USA Today was the manner in which it fully engaged readers with its content than any other newspapers. USA Today is essentially known for its short stories, bright colors and its weather map. Moreover, it is becoming a serious newspaper in which people are beginning to notice more despite how it was ridiculed and thought as a humorous newspaper. Furthermore, it was a newspaper that was highly criticized and constantly under attack for the manner in which it was laid out. Nonetheless, no one took the paper seriously then. USA Today has become a much stronger news product that has increased its marketing efforts and shown the world that it certainly has had an impact on other newspapers in the manner in which they chose to model some of the very same ideas as USA Today, however, by other newspapers imitating what they coined as the less admirable newspaper with many gimmicks, flourishing color, and short stories, many other newspapers modeled only to fail after copying many of USA Today’s attributes that are landing them ahead of many other newspapers. Furthermore, many of the papers have taken and used USA Today’s unimportant ideas and are consistently losing out on

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