USA Today Team: What Context Did Tom Curley and his Team Face in February 2000?

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What context did Tom Curley and his team face in February 2000?
Tom and the USA today team faced a new rapidly developing internet information boom. News was not just becoming accessed more by digital sources, but it was being created or changed into digital sources of information. The internet had created, in the context of the news industry, a disruptive outlet to the newspaper production, sales, and distribution. Whole new infrastructures and business strategy focused on web design, rapid information updates, media outlets, and becoming more up to date with the current technological trends in news, information, and communications. With that, Tom realized that the business expand and use its core competencies in content distribution into three formats, which would allow USA today to impact different market segments with one of three particular product/service changes. With the new divisions, the overall strategy would need to become more ambidextrous to guide and coordinate the branches under a single
Why were Dave Mazzarella and Lorainne Cichowski been so far apart?
Mazzarella comes off as being an “old school” and very seasoned manager and reporter in the news industry. Mazzarella is extremely skeptical and critical of the strategy to combine multiple news delivery news methods via online sources with the newspaper. He appears to not be willing to evolve the business into the new technological market, and instead stay in the physical news and media outlet where the
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