Article Review: Terrorism and Jihad

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Article review: "Terrorism and Jehad" According to Muzaffar Assadi's article, "Terrorism and Jehad," contrary to the image presented in Western popular culture, the practice of holy war in Islam is not synonymous with a bloodthirsty desire for violence. This is demonstrated by the recent fatwa issued against terrorism by the Indian Islamic seminary Darul Uloom of Deoband. This school is highly respected and the significance of this proclamation should not be underestimated. Moreover, "this is not the first time that such a fatwa was issued against terrorism elsewhere in the world or in India" (Assadi 2008: 16). The notion of targeting innocents is actually contrary to Islamic law, and thus terrorism is not keeping with the actual teachings of the Koran. Yet despite evidence of a fertile debate within the Islamic community, Islam tends to be viewed in a monolithic fashion in the west: "two important discourses have emerged on the issues of terrorism: one discourse viewed terrorism as a reaction to the violence unleashed by the west, the other interprets terrorism as a jehadi struggle aiming at establishing an Islamic state everywhere" (Assadi 2008: 17). Neither fully represents the diversity of the Islamic community. The intent behind the anti-terrorist fatwa was to affirm the diversity of the Islamic community, distancing it from Al-Qaida, and also to begin to foster a sense of unity amongst Muslims against the practice that has proven to be so devastating to members of
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