Article Review of RJS Cadena's 'Capturing the Cali Cartel: Selections from Jaque Mate'

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Introduction The writer Cadena, R. J. S. brings forth a collection of stories in his article "Capturing the Cali Cartel: Selections from Jaque Mate. Crime Law and Socail Change." He talks about his successes in apprehending the drug lords of his country while also sharing his lessons and his observations , such as: his in depth observations of the psychology and methods of operation used by the mafia, techniques he himself employed to rid his department of corruption, measures he and his department to nullify the mafia's control over influential policemen, to make the department a transparent, honest unit dedicated to eliminating threats to national integrity, international relations and overall national well being. Goal: The main goal of the article it seems is to inform the public of the extensive efforts put in by the Columbian Police, but moreover document the events and lessons taken from the whole ordeal, for future reference of the Police, government and society of Columbia. The article is an interesting read and the stories it narrates really grip the reader with its detail and focus on psychological understanding of the working of these smugglers, however, its organization, and language is the basis ambiguity and confusion for the reader. Description a. Methodology: Writing is an art and writing an excellent, gripping article is quite a difficult task. The first thing any writer has to do is choose a topic and then narrow it down so that their article

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