Articulated Learning Statement

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Overall, the Articulated Learning Statements served as an academic guide to acknowledge, recognise and reflect on our understanding of the learning acquired throughout the course.
For instance, the first concept learnt was the importance of “community engagement”. This involved recognising that a community relies on the interdependence of transport, health, education and other facilities, for its full functionality. In order to identify the community, it was necessary to use vital statistics, such as birth rates, death rates, population density and life expectancy; thus requiring the interpretation of maps, charts and graphs, to recognise a community’s needs and wants. Further lessons involved developing an understanding of the main goals of the community: instrumental, capacity building and democratic. As well as this, we defined what a “healthy city” was and were introduced to two models: The Social Determinants of Health model by Dahlgren and Whitehead and the IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum.
Despite the learning itself, a variety of methods transpired the learning, including practical activities, class discussions, individual reflections, site visits and guest speakers. For example, the relevance of community engagement was thoroughly addressed by guest speakers, including Gwen Folley,
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Thus, the community we live in is understood, then it is easy to actively contribute and develop empathy for its function and purpose in our lives. More specifically, various group discussions and class discussions confirm that the community is highly dynamic and can be observed in a variety of perspectives, as shown by the differences and commonalities in our responses. This explains the complex consultation processes communities require, as the majority of perspectives, backgrounds and opinions need to be taken into
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