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Urbanisation builds an equitable society The process of people moving into cities, which is called urbanisation, was happening around the world in past decades. It causes cities to have more labourers and resources than before. This makes a big contribution to the social development of cities. Thanks to these social developments, public services are becoming better in these areas. Citizens can enjoy a better life by access these public services such as better medical care, more education resources and well-built transport. It means an equitable society can be created. An equitable society means citizens can have more opportunities to access social resources and to live a better life. This essay will argue that…show more content…
This evidence shows that urbanisation contributes a lot to the public transport system in Guangdong. There have built several different kinds of public transports that can connect to many other cities. People can use these public transports equally. By using these convenient transports, people can live a high-efficiency life because less time is spent on the way. That is to say, even those people far away from Guangdong can go to Guangdong quickly and access the resources in Guangdong more easily. So people can enjoy different kinds of resources equally because of convenient transport. Secondly, urbanisation brings more goods to citizens and people can improve their life quality by using these goods. According to Li & Yao (2009, p. 1995), electrical appliances are becoming popular because of urbanisation. For example, air conditional owner-ship is rapidly growing up in China. Some families even have more than two units. From this evidence, it can be showed that urbanisation brings more modernised goods such as air conditioners to citizens. Citizens can access these useful goods more easily and they are able to live a higher standard life by using these goods. They have the same opportunities to buy these goods to improve their life quality. This means the opportunities to improve the quality of life can become equal in the society. All in all, urbanisation builds an equitable
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