Artificial Intelligence. . Consciousness Is The Outcome

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Artificial Intelligence Consciousness is the outcome of billions of years of natural selection and randomized occurrences that gave us life and the ability to be self sustaining, self controlling and self repairing. In terms of evolution we did not start with possessing a consciousness, in fact we developed one in order to became the humans we are today. What if in fact, robotic creation is the same, they are on their own evolutionary track of improvement and progression until a conscious state is achieved. In this paper I will argue there is no true opposing argument. I will highlight that there is a possibility for the garage built robot, Hal to have become a conscious entity because a machine being conscious does not contradict any …show more content…

If artificial intelligence, Hal was able as William Lycan’s artificial intelligence, Harry does; convince you that he is in fact human because of his ability to play the viola, play golf, make love and carry out conversation, then wouldn’t him convincing you of his legitimacy be enough for him to actually be. After all I am making an assumption about Hal based on his behavior and behavior is how I make judgements about the people in my life. One could insist that because Hal was programed he is not a person, however philosopher William Lycan would reply that humans are programed with our genetic structure and our basic capabilities like speaking, showing even more similarities between Hal and Human Beings. One could also argue that people are programmed their entire life. Everytime we learn something new we are being programmed. The difference between Hal and us is that I have control over what I program myself to be capable of where as Hal is at the mercy of his programmers. This leads me to believe that is what would make Hal a definably conscious being is if he had the ability to dictate some of his own programming. All things considered, proving that there is a chance for conscious to exist in a robot is easier than proving that the

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