Intellectual Developments In 18th Century Japan And Europe

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In the late 18th century both Japan and Europe were experiencing many new artistic and intellectual developments. While Europe’s developments were increasingly political, more and more people wanted rights for women along with protection from the state. Japan on the other hand was progressively modernizing from their isolated feudal society into its modern form now. Beginning in Tokyo many new intellectual advances came from studying the western sciences and techniques. Authors like Rousseau and Wollstonecraft wrote revolutionary books in Europe that changed the way people thought about themselves and what rights they should be born with; they led people to question the state and fight for what they believed to be justifiably right.
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He depicted citizens having power over their own lives and getting a chance to have a say in what effects them rather than having a monarch tell them when and how something should be done. With this new social contract citizens have a voice and have a form of protection from the state.
Throughout this century, as more and more intellectual developments occur the increase in education becomes more important than ever. Thankfully the Enlightenment period and the French Revolution brought along with them the development of the educational system. The new forms of printing lead to an increase of available books which overall produced a larger reading public. At one point of time education was only a privilege of the upper class, but as the 18th century rolled in and changes were made education became available to all classes. As Europe continued to advance surrounding countries like japan would try to copy and recreate the same types of evolution in their country to keep up with the rest of the world, some the same and others not so much.
Japan at the turn of the century was clearly trying to westernize and change is isolated society into one more intellectually and scientifically involved with the rest of the world. When the Japanese open their ports to the western civilization food and merchandise were not the only things being traded. When ports were open the western way of living was integrated with the Japanese culture which gradually changed the way the

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