Arts Education Impact On Academic Success

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Arts Education Impact on Academic Success James Travis Gentry Concordia University A Research Report Presented toThe Graduate Program in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Masters in Education Concordia University - Portland 2015 Arts Education Impact on Academic Success Arts education in public schools is a very valuable asset to helping students become a well-rounded life-long learner. The arts are core subjects in the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the NC Basic Education Program, and, as such, are included as core subjects every student should learn as part of a balanced curriculum for all children in North Carolina, in short they are considered essential (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2011). Because the state budget has eliminated so many vital areas of the public school budget the arts instructional supplies and value of the arts overall have come under careful legislative scrutiny. States all over America are limiting arts instruction and some have eliminated programs due to high stakes testing and public funding shortfalls. Arts education encompasses three main areas. Vocal and instrumental based including; choral music, band, orchestra, and music appreciation; Performance based including theater arts, dance, dance and theater arts appreciation; and Visual based to include visual and studio arts, art appreciation and art history. Through research on the value of arts education in studies throughout

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