Aschenputtel : Character Analysis Of The Most Favorite Characters

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The protagonist(s) of the story are Aschenputtel, doves, pigeons, and the prince. Aschenputtel is a protagonist because she is pious and good to everyone. The doves are protagonists because they helped Aschenputtel with her chores. The pigeons are protagonist because they assistance in blinding the evil step sisters for their wickedness. The last protagonist is the prince. The prince rescues Aschenputtel from evil. The antagonist(s) are the stepmother, two stepsisters. All three of them took away all Aschenputtel’s dresses and shoes. They dressed her like a maid. They also made Aschenputtel do all the heavy work from morning to night. The stepsisters made Aschenputtel comb their hair for the feast. My least favorite character in the book is the stepmom. The stepmother is different from me because she is lazy and I help my mom with chores and she helps me too. The stepmother is similar to me because she only cares about her two daughters and I care of my siblings. My favorite character in the story was Aschenputtel. Aschenputtel is similar to me because she does most of the chores and so do I. Aschenputtel and I are different because I do the chores without being sternly told to do them. Aschenputtel really wanted to go to the festival, however her stepmother didn’t allow her. The stepmother kept on giving Aschenputtel her chores to do. The stepmother scattered lentils in the ashes and would make Aschenputtel clean them up. The stepmother did this over and over. Finally,

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