Asd Case Study

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1. As a “spectrum” disorder, ASD doesn’t consist of just autism, but rather the conditions of delayed developments, such as the Asperger’s syndrome and autistic disorder.
2. Knowing beforehand the conditions of ASD will increase one’s knowledge in providing care for children and decrease the chances of the side effects harming a person's daily life. Also, depending on how severe the effects are, certain actions will be taken.
3. In addition to meeting with their doctors, families should understand that a person with ASD will live with this illness for a lifetime, so meeting with a psychologist or joining clinical trials will help find treatments to cure ASD.
4. Not everyone with ASD develop a repetitive behavior, however, if they do, …show more content…

9. It has been discovered that boys have a higher risk in getting ASD than girls though the reason has yet to be found. Boys may have a different DNA that could cause ASD than girls. Since genetics is the main cause of ASD, that could be the case.
10. If a child pass the first step in screening and has been diagnosed with ASD, they would continue on with the next step to further understand their condition. After understanding how complicated the symptoms is, doctors may prescribe some treatments such as therapy or the TEACCH programs for the child.
11. Pediatrician are doctors who specialized in the development, care, and illnesses of children. Working with a variety of doctors may give parents different or similar opinions, but that just mean that there are more options and strategies parents can use to try and teach their children. After all, not a single method is the number one best.
12. Adults are a little more difficult in diagnosing for ASD due to the fact that children are more often seen in records with ASD. There are cases where adults have autism which may be concerning as it would change their life before they could even prepare for it.
13. Doctors will do blood test during a woman's pregnancy beforehand to check for any possibility of ASD. It’s worrisome that the exact cause of ASD has yet to be discovered, but new

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