Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer Analysis

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“Whatever it was, it was dying by the time I was born,and before I turned six”(Pfeffer, 2). The short story Ashes was written by Susan Beth Pfeffer. The story is about Ashes and her relationship with her dad and her mom. Ashes is in a problem when her dad asks her to “borrow” money from her mom. Ashes is left with two options, either help her dad or her mom. Ashleigh did take the money because she loves her dad, trusts her dad, and she is like her dad. Ashleigh took the money since she loves her dad. Ashleigh loves how her dad says you're one in a million. “I knew I wasn't a one-in-a-million-girl,no matter how often Dad told me I was.I still loved hearing him say it”(Pfeffer, 2). Ashes loves how her dad makes her feel special whenever she sees him. In the story “Ashes” it says on the first page”And I realized he still called me Ashes, were Mom couldn’t hear him to be annoyed. And that made me feel special all over again”(Pfeffer). Ashes loves her dad since he is fun to be with.”I wouldn't have any other dad.” I told him.”My friends fathers, they just tell my friends to study more. They never tell them they have flair or style”(Pfeffer,2). Ashleigh stole the money due to the fact that she loved her dad and how he is fun …show more content…

Ashleigh trusts her dad even when she knows he breaks his promises. In the story “Ashes” by Susan Beth Pfeffer she wrote “When I was little, Dad used to promise me the stars for a necklace, but liked most of his promises, that one never quite happened”(1). Ashleigh trusts her dad when he promised her something even if he does not keep the promise she still trusts him.”Mom might never be caught without batteries or tissues, but she called me Ashleigh-a name she didn't even like-and never promised me anything”(Pfeffer ,1). Ashleigh trusts her dad because she knows he’s a good person.”I saw a woman stranded on the road”, he’d say”(Pfeffer, 1). Ashleigh trusts her dad because she knows he’s a good

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