Asian Culture In Asia

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Culture is the main source that makes very country differentiate from others. It defines language, lifestyle, as well as religion. Every country has its own and different ethics and morals. Many seek to wonder why for instance an Asian doesn’t not act like how a Russian person would in pickle places . But it is because of how both of them were raised; not just by their parents; but by this culture as well. We as people grow up and learn how to build up our personalities by our parents, friends, and most of a ll “culture”. People tend to follow their cultures lifestyle than any others . Yet matters the point of everyone understanding other cultures in order for them to become more familiar of why every society is different. There is an endless amount of cultures to know about, but for now let us list only six of the most important cultures out there. One of the most popular cultures is the “Arabic” one. Basically anyone who adapts to the arabic language is known as an arab. Arabs tend to mostly dress very appropriately according to their religious morals and ethics. Women wears hijab, which covers their body from top to bottom so they could show their belief in what God ordered them to do. They are very serious about religion, therefore prayer for them is something mandatory. Arabs food is always one of the most bomb food out there. Their food involves Molokhia which is a green soup but one of the most famous food type for them. Kebab and Kofta is another

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