Assertive Communication Research Paper

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Assertive Communication: being a diverse force where every Soldier has a different set of values, and beliefs will almost oblige us to know how to communicate properly with each other. This skill will give the Soldiers the confidence to communicate clearly and to know how to control a situation properly with someone whose communication is conflicting and challenging.
Effective Praise and Active Constructive Responding: There are times when Soldiers and family members share good news with us and we did not respond or acknowledge that news the right way. Soldiers usually want to not only share good news but also wants an advice to resolve a specific situation. Family members can perceive that we do not love them because we did not properly acknowledge their good news that share with …show more content…

With the lack of emotional intelligence in some of your troops, building confidence will build optimism by putting the situation in perspective. This skill will help the Soldier to remain focus and motivated. Soldiers can benefit with this skill when they face situations where low motivation and self-doubt can affect their performance, for example taking a physical fitness test.
First Aid: As I stated earlier, as Sergeant Major, I will engage with the Master Resilience Trainers to develop the best strategy to use the resilience training with our Soldiers; however, there will be times where my trainers will need a hand.
The Resilience trainers have limitations, even though they learned correctly the fourteen skills, there will be times when the skills will not be enough to manage a situation. Some other times, the trainer might be simple exhausted or dealing with an issue itself. Part of the resilience training is for them to know their limitations and to ask for help when is needed. Agencies such as Behavioral Health, chaplain, and the Army Substance Abuse Program just to mention a few can assist.

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