Assess The Importance Of Literacy In The Classroom

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Everything that teachers do can affect students’ interest and engagement with literacy. Using strategies and resources to encourage students to be more literate and be encouraged to be more literate can determine their success in academics as well as real life. It is important for teachers to make a classroom environment where their students will feel confident about reading and wanting to be successful. There are several ways for a fourth grade teacher’s classroom environment to promote and encourage literacy.
One way that a teacher can make their classroom a successful environment for literacy is to have their classroom look like a book that the teacher will be teaching throughout the year or semester (The Access Center, 2007). When the …show more content…

There are students who seem to read only material that they are familiar with, having many different genre will encourage students to read other books but if a teacher only has one genre then students will get use to reading it and not wanting to read any other genres. A teacher can have several different genres for students to choose from in the classroom or the teacher can plan times with the library to allow for students to exchange their books as they finish them (Allington, R., & Johnston, P., 2001). By doing this it will allow student to check out books that they know they will enjoy reading and know they will complete. In addition, teachers can provide students with literacy games and activities to enhance literacy within the …show more content…

“The room arrangement should encourage repeated opportunities to interact with literacy materials and activities to practice skills that students are learning” (Liverpool Hope University, 2016). The teacher can set up areas throughout the classroom with lamps and cozy seating for students to sit and read while other students may be completing work. In the classroom it will have an area in one of the corners for the classroom library to be where it will have many different genres and grade level text for students to choose from. In the library area there will be a few rugs bean bag chairs and a bench along the window for students to relax and get involved in the reading they have chosen. The wall will have many posters providing why it is important to read and author quotes that will have the students asking questions and using their critical thinking skills. Overall, the classroom will be a warm and inviting environment so that every students feels safe and ready to learn. If the classroom is not a rich environment then students will not want to read or they can lose interest and that is not what teachers want so making the classroom a literacy environment it will help students in engaging to read as well as encourage

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