Assess the Argument That Is Neither Possible nor Desirable to Use Experiments in Social Research

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Assess the argument that is neither possible nor desirable to use experiments in social research
Experiments are a scientific procedure which is used to test a hypothesis. There are two different types of experiments which are available to the researcher, these are laboratory and field.
In laboratory experiments all variables are under the control of the researcher, the researcher will obtain their results from taking two groups which are identical. One group will be the control group and the other will be the experimental group. The researcher will then alter the independent variable in the experimental group to see if the variable that the researcher is investigating changes in any way when compared to the control group. If there is
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This therefore, makes laboratory experiments appear to be not possible to conduct in regards to social research.
Additionally, laboratory experiments in social research can cause the Hawthorne effect which can reduce the validity of the research and also make them seem undesirable. The Hawthorne effect is when the presence of a researcher changes the behaviour of the group that is being studied. The participants are not showing their true behaviour and one reason why they may be altering their behaviour when in the presence of a researcher is because they think that they have guessed what the researcher is studying and therefore wants to help them with their research by acting in the way that they think the researcher wants to see. Their assumptions though are not always correct.
Field experiments are those conducted in the real world and under normal social conditions, but following a similar procedure to the laboratory experiments. Participants in this experiment do not normally know that they are being studied in an experiment; this therefore eradicates the Hawthorne effect, but causes another undesirable outcome as it causes a problem with getting consent. Interpretivists are typically interested in using field experiments as they want to know how meanings and labels can get attached to different people and then how others then view them.
Overall, there are

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