Essay on Assessement of Advertisement

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Assessement of Advertisement What exactly is media? Media is communication. Media is different ways of communicating with the public. We see media everywhere we go, on the streets, on TV and even at school. An example of media and one I will be focussing on in this essay is advertising, adverts such as the ones we see on posters and billboards. These adverts affect our everyday life because it influences us in our decisions. For example if a product is being sold, depending on the way the product is advertised can relate to whether or not a consumer decides to purchase the product. Advertisements are usually a persuasive piece that tries to get people to buy a product. I am going to compare …show more content…

In both adverts there are no words only pictures. This could be because the picture is meant to say it all. Both posters rely on their picture to sell their product. They believe that the picture, which is used, is enough to sell their product. By placing an image in people’s heads they have conducted a way of selling their product through pictures and not words. The image, which is used in the Coco Cola advert, is a close up of a cartoon polar bear family sharing a Coke. In the Fanta advert it is similar but the family are real and in the background whilst the product in this case a Fanta drink is close up and of a bigger capacity. In the Coke advert it symbolises a human family and that coke can be drank anywhere, the way the polar bears are cuddled up suggests that there is warmth even though we know that polar bears are found in the North Pole, which has the coldest climates. The Fanta advert is in a different part of the earth because we see here that it is of a sunnier climate. The people are on the beach to symbolise that the drink is associated with summer, which means that Fanta is the best drink to serve when it’s hot. The picture of the family in the background shows compassion and symbolises that the drink

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