Assignment On The Impact Of Therapeutic Communication And Culture

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Therapeutic Communication and Culture 3013312 NorQuest College COMM 2011 A03 Assignment 1: Therapeutic Communication and Culture Sarah James November 30, 2017 Therapeutic Communication and Culture This paper discusses the Islam culture in regards to study about the impact of this culture over the health care service practice. In addition to this, the Islam culture is considered as the second-largest religious group (Gökariksel & McLarney, 2010). This group is racially and ethnically diverse. Islamic group also follows five pillars in their day to day life. It includes belief in one God, belief in prophets and follows only four original Holy Scriptures etc. Other than that, Islamic cultured people also use the proper etiquettes and well postures in their greeting which indicates their positive behavior towards the humanity. Afterwards, the study will define the impact of such components on the health care setting and therapeutic communication which is wide used by Healthcare Provider in their practices. Thus, this study gives the detailed understanding of the Islamic religion and its influence over the therapeutic communication under the heath care practices.
Islamic culture is a rapid expansion of Arab culture. It is followed by Muslims and it includes all the practices which are developed under the Islam. Likewise, Quranic is the practices in which Muslim follows (Salat) prayers. At the same time, there are variations in the Islamic beliefs in different cultures and traditions (Vargas-Hernández et al., 2010). However, variations exist in the language also as different cultured people use a
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