Assimilating to Fukuyama's Immigrants and Falmily Values Essay

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In the essay “Immigrants and Family Values”, the author Francis Fukuyama argued that immigrants, are not a threat for American family values, but rather American culture can become a threat for “newcomers”. On the other hand, Fukuyama expressed that as long as first generation immigrants want to keep their culture and language intact in school that will keep them from really assimilating the new culture.
Before explaining why immigrants are not a threat for United States family values, Fukuyama introduced the opposing attitudes about immigrants being a threat for traditional American family values. In the first place, Fukuyama exposed the point of views of American conservatives who believed that immigrants who are not European …show more content…

First, the author broke down immigrants in different groups. First, he demonstrated that Asian families are more stable and have less divorce rates than Caucasian families. Francis Fukuyama also talked about Latinos’ family stability. Fukuyama admitted that Latinos are somehow less stable than Caucasian families, but they were not the worse. Fukuyama says that Latino are not a threat for American society because even though most Latino immigrants are low skill workers, they work hard for their family even if that means to accept a low pay job.
After the author clarified that immigrants are not a threat for American family values, he admitted that America is indeed passing through a family values crisis. Fukuyama disputed the conservative belief that the origin of the American family values crisis comes from outside, he indicated the causes of the family crisis is coming from the heart of the American culture. He said that many American movements like “feminism, sexual revolution, capitalism, discredit of male-dominated household, and no fault divorce” among others are more directly associated with the decay of family values and unity than immigrants form different culture and religions. Fukuyama even expressed his concerning that the ones in danger of family values decay are immigrants, not Americans itself.
After leaving clear that immigrants are not a threat for American values he exposed his concern about multiculturalism and the

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