Associate Of Science Degree Observation Report

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My concentration in obtaining an Associate of Science Degree before making the commitment to transfer to a 4 year institution was the rationale for my preferences of higher learning institutions. The colleges/Universities that I am considering are Fullerton College in Fullerton, California and Cypress College in Cypress California. In addition, I also decide on Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California. All three community college campuses offer an Automotive Technology program. Fullerton College tuition for a full time student and state resident is approximately $1,008 per semester or $46 per unit for state residents. Fullerton College offers an Associate in Science degree in Automotive Technology with eleven vocational certificates in specialized areas in the automotive field. Students interested in earning an associate of science degree must complete the general education requirement of 24 units minimum and 24 units minimum from any automotive classes offered. …show more content…

Cost per year for in state students is approximately $1,104.00. Cypress College offers an occupational degree which is designed for individuals who desire an Associate in Science degree with an occupational major. Students will be required to complete 25 units of general education plus three units of cultural diversity, complete the reading Proficiency requirement, complete all major courses with “C” or better and complete degree applicable classes for a total of 60 units with an overall 2.0 GPA. Cypress College offers twelve certificates for specialized automotive related fields.
Cypress College student population is 14,000 students per semester. My chief purpose for selecting Cypress College is that they offer more specialized classes within the automotive program. I will consider supplementing my Fullerton College Automotive courses with a few courses from Cypress College to provide myself with a competitive

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