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1. Discuss the pathophysiology of asthma.
The pathophysiology of Asthma includes inflammation of the airway. The way in which this works is from an irritant which can include dust, pollen, cedar, or cat hair. When a reaction occurs, the airways become inflamed and narrow. The narrowing occurs because once the inflammatory response is triggered by an irritant, histamines, immunoglobulin E antibodies, and leukotrienes are released. Because of this, mucous production occurs. Since the bronchioles are inflamed and narrow, breathing becomes difficult. Wheezing sounds can be heard due to the lack of air being able to easily move in and out of the narrowed bronchioles.

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Breathing techniques such as inhaling through the nose and breathing out from the mouth slowly can be helpful for a patient to be aware of. Last, the patient should always have the physician’s information if asthma attacks become more frequent or they believe their inhaler to not be helping. 3. What components of the patient’s asthma management plan should be monitored during a home visit?
When visiting an asthmatic patient at home, it is important to monitor their environment. The home is a place where people spend the majority of their time and therefore can easily contribute to the exacerbation of asthma. While in the home environment, monitoring for mold, dust, pets, cigarette smoke or plants is important. The cleanliness of the home along with the sleeping environment can be good indicators as to the reasoning behind the patient’s condition. This is a good moment to teach the patient and family members ways to manage asthma based on the home environment. Explanation as to what irritants are is important. Visiting the home would also be a good time to observe the way in which the patient uses their inhaler along with other medications they may be using. 4. Explain the stepwise approach and how it is utilized in care of the asthma patient.
The stepwise approach is used to adjust the treatment of asthma. Based on the patient’s condition, the medication can either be increased or decreased. This is known as either

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