Asus Rog Nomad Swot Analysis

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narrow this my list down to those things we use almost every day. Now the list goes like this:
1. Asus ROG Nomad backpack ($163): If you have a 17 inch gaming laptop, you have lots of gadgets and you are always on the move, then Asus ROG Nomad is for you. With a laptop compartment specifically designed for the Asus ROG G750 series of gaming laptops, you can carry any 17-inch laptop, along with your keyboard, mouse, peripherals, power supply, extra controllers, snacks, drinks, a tablet, a change of clothes, and a jacket. It looks great too, boasting the same detail and aesthetic as the Asus ROG G750 series. With plenty of organizational pockets and lots of room, the Asus ROG Nomad is more of a weekend warrior than a work bag.
2. Ogio Renegade

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