At The Age Of 7, I Witnessed My First Public Execution.

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At the age of 7, I witnessed my first public execution. Around the age of 10, I had to suffer through the severe famine that hit North Korea. At the age of 15, I noticed the excessive amount of people that were suffering and dying on the streets of my home country. At the age of 17, I began a perilous journey to escape the harsh conditions of North Korea. 안녕하세요 여러분 나의 이름은 이현서 입니다. Hello, everyone, my name is Hyeonseo Lee. I am a North Korean Defector and Human Rights Campaigner. I am fighting for the freedom of the North Korean citizens. Many of the people in North Korea are suffering and I was one of those people. The people in my home country have to suffer from the harsh conditions of the government. The government would also kill …show more content…

If they don’t have money then they won’t have anything to eat and they would die on the streets, no one noticing or caring about them. Also if you are a North Korean refugee, when being found by an officer you would pay a fine and bribe to survive outside of North Korea or be brought back to your home and be publicly executed. Public execution and death were a normal sight in North Korea. The first public execution that I saw was when I was seven. The people who were publicly executed are sometimes the people that tried to escape North Korea or went against the government. They would also die because of the lack of resources. Many people don’t have food and the resources they need to live because they may not have enough money. When a famine struck in the mid-1990, there were many people without food so they died starving and weak on the floor or they tried to survive by eating grass, tree bark, or bugs. The famine kills about one million people. One day in the year 1995, during the famine, my mom’s coworker’s sister sent a letter. The letter states, “"When you read this, our five family members will not exist in this world because we haven 't eaten for the past three weeks. We are lying on the floor together, and our bodies are so weak, we are waiting to die." This showed me that the people in my hometown were suffering. I escaped in the year 1997, at the age of 17. I crossed the frozen Yalu River hoping that I wouldn’t fall into the frigid waters. Escaping

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