At Transylvania University, One Area That Is Frequented

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At Transylvania University, one area that is frequented by students is the common space on the fourth floor of the Dalton Voight residence hall. This area is accessible only to the upperclassmen students who live in this hall. The common area is directly in front of the elevator with hallways of students’ rooms branching off on either side. A window on the other side overlooks “back circle,” as it is called by the students, a greenspace area in the middle of this residential area. In the warmer months, this area is more populated. However, during the winter months, all the furniture has been removed and students are only seen passing through “back circle.” In the common area, there is a mix of styles of furniture that create many options …show more content…

Clearly, many students have taken the mix of furniture to be a benefit, instead of the contradiction that it seems to imply. The common area is also quite large and students use all the space available to them by spreading out far from each other. When first entering the area, most students would never think to sit immediately next to someone or even at the table over. Even I do this myself when entering, never considering sitting close to someone already there. For example, on one day while I was studying there, there were also three other students were using this space to study and we were all separated into four different corners. However, there is some socialization that does take place there. The most common social interactions that I have witnessed are between students passing through and stopping to talk with those studying in the common area. One of the main facets of the common area is its open design, leading directly to hallways of students’ rooms on the side and the elevator. As a result, the traffic of students is a frequent experience of being in this space. Usually, these spontaneous conversations are kept limited to small talk as both people are working on separate activities. These social interactions are also short because it is primarily a place for studying, so people do not want to be disruptive. Although this is not a formal rule, it is implied because of the activities taking place there. The students

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