Atalanta Race Essay

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Life is full of many choices as well as consequences. People are sometimes defined by their actions and decisions they make in life. In life we make many decisions just like in the story Atalanta Race. When a undefeated female hunter is forced into marrying Hippomenes because of a race they competed in to win her love. Hippomenes only wins by cheating during the footrace with shinny gold apples that will get Atalanta’s attention so she will stop and help Hippomenes win the race. She had the choice to keep going and continue the race and continue to be the undefeated woman that everybody wants to be, but she went to the apple. Which therefore meant she would have to marry Hippomenes. The choices that you make have a great effect on your …show more content…

In the story Pandora, Zeus gives Pandora a jar of everything terrible that you could ever imagine. Zeus told Pandora whatever she does to do not open it. So of course what does she do, she opens it. Which Then release many terrible things into mankind like diseases and poverty. Pandora knew after she did it that it was a very bad idea. She knew this decision would have some life altering decisions. The only thing left in the box once everything else came out was hope because it was to keep people going when things were bad. This story just shows that one decision you make big or small can have a be affect of everyone. Just something as simple as someone telling you you will pay if you open it, so please don’t but you still do it anyways. Always think before you do and think about who it might affect in the process and question yourself if you are really willing to hurt them in that process. In my life I have had many changes in the past last year that have really been life altering. My main one is cutting my father out of my life. Some might say that is crazy and ridiculous but if you have been through what I have went through the past year with him you would do the same. He was alway harassing me on social media because i’m not calling him everyday. Which for a long time I just brushed it off my back but now that I have gotten older. I’m really just over it and i’m honestly more happier without him in my life. Another decision I

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